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Cavite Naval Base 35 Years Later



It was raining hard as I got to the guardhouse of Naval Base Cavite early that afternoon, about 5 years ago. I was on my way to the base hospital to visit my mom, who got confined for a hip fracture which she sustained when she slipped in the kitchen.

The Cavite Naval Base, as it was known during our time, holds memorable pages of yesteryear, a total of almost 15 years of my growing up years spent here. As I waited for a trike, I looked around, and further beyond, to see what had changed after 35 years. Suddenly, nostalgia set in,  especially after I noticed that some things close to my heart were either gone, or no longer in the same condition.

On my way home that evening, I toyed with the thought of writing my memoirs of my growing up years. This website - Memoirs of a Navy Brat - is the fruition of that idea.

My growing up memoirs would cover a span of almost two decades, from my early childhood of the  50's, to my teenage years of the entire decade of the unforgettable 60's, up to the time I was to embark on my own professional career. The description of the environment, the summer learning fun and activities, the rare adventures and experiences, the near tragic events, and the shattered hope and dream, are chronicled in the stories.

Though my search for early photographs unfortunately yielded only two results, I did not allow this  setback to deter me from writing my memoirs. Present generations are indeed very fortunate for they can preserve their memories in digital scrapbooks, treasures which they can later pass on and share with future generations.  

I have integrated a blog in this website as a provision for writing down further thoughts relative to its contents, and for posting comments that you might have.

I have divided my growing up memoirs into several pages.  A link to the next page is provided at the bottom of each page. I now invite you to proceed to the pages link to start reading my memoirs.



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