Throughout our stay at the Cavite Naval Base, three places stood out as hot fishing spots. These were the particular sites where we never fail to produce substantial catch whenever we fish.

The first hot fishing spot was just by the seawall behind our immediate neighbor's quarters, where the water was relatively deeper. Whenever it was high tide, small schools of different species of Spinefoot, Rabbitfish, and Surgeonfish, would be roving along the sea wall and conglomerate at this spot. We just dropped a line, with either mashed cooked rice or banana as bait, and we had so much fun and excitement pulling up catch after catch.

The next hot fishing spot was the sunken pontoon barges behind our quarters, particularly the second barge. Two sites in this barge, opposite each other along its width, were the most productive in catching groupers. Groupers are very expensive fish. While it was only common fare to us then, now I very seldom buy one because of its price.

The third hot fishing spot was the area at the northernmost part of the base where the warehousing facilities of the Navy were located. It is a restricted area, so not everyone can fish in said area. Trevallies were abundant and good game if you have a casting rod with reel, because they stay a little bit farther out into the sea. However, stones along the perimeter of the area could sometimes be surprising sources of grouper catch. In fact, on many occasions, I was able to hook groupers just beneath the very stones on which I was on.

Almost always, these were the places we go to whenever we feel the urge to fish, particularly the first two hot fishing spots which were just in our backyard. I could fish at the third spot only when I was with Dad.

I really miss those days....."those were the days my friends, we thought they'd never end......"