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Cocker Spaniels Disappear

Posted by Jhun Nonato on Monday, August 10, 2009,

When Dad came back from the US on a mission to bring to the country two naval ships (mine sweepers) given to the Philippine Navy by the US government, he brought home a lovely platinum blond cocker spaniel, whose name, unfortunately, I couldn’t recall anymore. We already had a golden blond male, named Butch, when we were still in Pandacan.

Cocker Spaniel
[photo by: Pleple2000]

The dogs were such fun to play with. Play was so energetic that I became careless and accidentally got nicked in one o...
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Learning To Bike With Busted Tires

Posted by Jhun Nonato on Tuesday, August 4, 2009,

What a way to learn how to ride a bike! Under drizzling rain with a bicycle with busted tires, no bike helmet, no one to teach or assist....just plain, pure guts. I was 8 years old then and we were residing at Plaza Militar. Kids love to frolic under the rain and in those streets slightly inundated by rainwater. That’s what my brothers, sisters, playmates, and I usually did during heavy downpours, oblivious of the intermittent thunder and lightning, when we were not in school. Household eld...
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