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Reminiscing Christmas Dawn Masses

Posted by Jhun Nonato on Friday, January 22, 2010,

The recent Christmas Season brought back some good old memories of the 9 day novena dawn masses. We would wake up very early in the morning to attend the 4 am masses. The Navy Band would go around the Base at around 3:30 AM playing Christmas tunes, so waking up early was not really a problem with us. I remember we would really dress up well for these masses. It was not unusual to see us attend mass in formal coat

Christmas Dawn Mass
[photo by: Markiiboi]

Nowadays, we have the option to attend th...
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Christmas and the Economic Crunch

Posted by Jhun Nonato on Friday, January 8, 2010,

The dearth of Christmas lights and decorations this past Yuletide Season was so glaring that one could hardly feel the spirit of Christmas in the air. In previous years, decorations were being set up as early as September. But this year, houses that decorated were few and far apart. In our street of about 30 houses, there were only, at most, 6 that did. The same was true with other streets and villages. The long lines at the cashiers' and gift wrapping booths at the malls were nonexistent.


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