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RPS Rajah Soliman [D-66] - Conflicting Dates On Sinking

Posted by Jhun Nonato on Monday, March 15, 2010,
Did the RPS Rajah Soliman sink in 1962 or in 1964? We owe it to history to clarify this question once and for all.

I was with my brother Ket and some of his friends about a week ago, and they told me that they have been reading my memoirs. On our way home, my brother pointed out that there was a mistake in the date of the sinking. Typhoon Dading [international codename: Winnie], which sunk the ship, hit the country in 1964, he averred. Wh...
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RPS Rajah Soliman - Short History

Posted by Jhun Nonato on Thursday, March 11, 2010,

RPS Rajah Soliman (D-66), the flagship of the Philippine Navy at the time of its sinking during the height of a super-typhoon, was the former USS Bowers (DE-637), named after Ensign Robert Keith Bowers, a naval aviator who died in the Pearl Harbor attack. Launched and christened on October 31, 1943, it was commissioned into active service on January 27, 1944. It saw action in the Pacific naval battles where it was heavily damaged by a direct hit by a kamikaze pilot.

It was repaired and conver...
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