About a year ago, I created a website intended exclusively for use by members of Class 65 of Cavite National High School.

I saw the need for a website wherein class members, a lot of whom are already residing in other parts of the world, can communicate and share their thoughts and ideas through the site's blog and and forum, as well as upload their own photos and videos for other class members to see.

I thought it was a good way to complement and supplement the official class website, which however, does not afford class members active participation in the website through the features available in the website I created. I felt it would be a perfect partnership for the two websites in keeping the class members connected and informed of developments as far as the class is concerned.

About two months ago, I learned from a classmate, Luphe, who's coordinating class activities in the Greater LA area, about her difficulties in bringing together class members for meetings. So, I activated the website and offered her its use so that they can exchange ideas even without leaving their homes. It is also a convenient way of keeping a record of their discussions, if done via the forum.

Luphe has already uploaded photos of their meetings and outings, as well as our most recent reunion. She's convincing the others to use the website, which I know will make a lot of things easier for her. I also know it will take some time before others will muster the courage to try it, but once they do, they'll realize that it's not that difficult.

Just today, I gave the website a new look, and amended its name to Cavite National High School Class 65 Social Hub.

I invite other class members to take a look at the website and see how it could be of use for disseminating and sharing information on class matters and activities.