Corregidor is the largest of four island fortresses, which include Caballo, El Fraille, and La Monja, guarding the entrance to Manila Bay. These islands are situated between the provinces of Bataan to the west, and the province of Cavite to the east. It was in this island fortress of Corregidor that the last remaining starving, dying, and out of ammunition, American and Filipino forces, under the command of General Jonathan Wainwright, holed out after the fall of Bataan, before finally surrendering to the superior Japanese forces during WWII.

It was also from Corregidor where General Douglas MacArthur was fetched by a submarine to  be brought to Australia after passing on the command of the remaining Filipino-American forces to General Wainwright.

Corregidor, which falls under the jurisdiction of the City of Cavite,  is now a tourist spot and attraction. Visitors are brought to the island via a ferry service, and can check in a hotel if they desire to stay overnight or longer. Most of the relics of World War II, like the tunnel, the airstrip, the artillery batteries and gun emplacements, have been preserved.

Corregidor is a must see place for all local and foreign tourists. It holds so much memories of the tenacity of the embattled American and Filipino forces against tremendous odds. It is not only a part of Philippine history, but also of the Pacific war of  World War II. [Read: Island of Corregidor Tours]

The waters around Corregidor Island are rich fishing grounds also. Fishing enthusiasts, no doubt, would not be disappointed with the wealth of its marine life.