I was feeling extremely alright when I went to the church to attend the 12:30 pm mass. I rose from my seat like the rest of the parishioners as the celebration began. I was still fine, but as the choir started singing "Glory To God," I began to feel dizzy as if I was going to pass out. I tried to fight it and held on to the window grills to support myself. Fear began to envelop me as I thought of the possibilities...."Am I having a stroke or a heart attack?......Is my blood sugar high?" I started having cold sweats.

As soon as the song was over and we all sat down, I started to look around for somebody I know. I was feeling worse already. Fortunately, an acquaintance, who just came in, sat at the next pew just to my left. When his glance came to my direction, I motioned him to come over to me. I told him my predicament and requested him to stand by me. He called another guy, and together, they assisted me on the way to the church clinic which was on the other side. Since the clinic was already closed, it was decided that I should be taken to a hospital.

So, on board the barangay ambulance, I was taken to the nearest hospital. The barangay escorts were kind enough to contact my son and apprise him of the situation. At the ER, I was immediately given oxygen and a medicine for vertigo. The attending physician started asking questions like... "Do you have a history of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes? Are you on any maintenance medication? Are you allergic to any medicine?" I responded to all of these  negatively, but then it dawned upon me that I have a history of acute paroxysmal vertigo which was the findings when I was also rushed to the ER for the same symptoms about four years ago. I told the doctor about this, but he decided on an ECG and a blood sugar test just the same, to be on the safe side. My blood pressure was normal.

While waiting for the results, my eldest son came together with his wife and son. Soon afterward, my youngest son called from the US to inquire about the developments. An hour and a half later, the doctor came back to inform us that my tests were all normal. I was given a one week prescription of an anti-vertigo drug and advised to follow-up with my ENT doctor. I would have been sadly disappointed had any of those tests yielded positive results, for I am a regular jogger and gym habitue.

Yes, there's one thing I neglected since that last trip to the ER. I was prescribed a morning vertigo exercise which I should do before getting out of bed. I think I did it for only a month. I was told to sit at the edge of the bed and bring my body to the left, touching the bed, and then to the right, like a pendulum. Twenty repetitions before rising. I guess I have to do it religiously this time around.

I almost had another attack when I saw the bill for that 2-hour stay at the ER! ....LOL