I've come across "krill oil" in some of my quick scans of articles during my researches on the Web about health topics. For a time, I just ignored it as I knew nothing about it. I thought it was a type of cooking oil.

Finally, during one of my browses, I found an article on krill oil fish oil evaluation. The article caught my attention and interest because fish oil is one of my sources of healthy and essential Omega-3 fatty acids. And the article is saying that krill oil is better than fish oil.

I wanted to know what krill, the source of krill oil, looks like, so I googled it for images. What I saw made me smile, for these tiny shrimps, known as "alamang" in our native tongue, are very familiar to me since I was a kid.

It is usually cooked and served as shrimp pancakes [tortang alamang]. And it can readily be bought, cheap,  at the wet markets.

When I saw the Google images, I was reminded of my growing up years at the Cavite Naval Base. We've seen, on several occasions, long stretches of schools of krills traversing along the length of the sea wall, just at the back of our quarters, making the water pinkish red. If I'm not mistaken, I think the phenomenon occurs just after a typhoon hits our area. I guess the krills were washed toward the shore by the strong waves and wind brought by the typhoon.

At times like these, people in our neighborhood would devise contraptions made of a piece of old mosquito net attached securely between two bamboo poles and used these for scooping up the krills.

Little did I know then that the lowly "alamang" [krill] contains potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that are so beneficial to our health. Now that I know, I will make it a regular part of my health diet. [read: Krill Oil Fish Oil Evaluation]