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Picture Of Old House Unearthed

October 4, 2011

The picture of the old house in Pandacan, Manila, which we occupied in the early 50's, existed only in my mind for over half a century, until a few months ago.

During a visit to my Mom at her newly renovated house, I noticed a clutter of photos, among other things, on a side table in her room. The house was still in disarray as they had not yet finished putting everything in order.

I patiently went over the photos and was delighted to be taken on a journey back in time. What particularly grabbed my attention and interest was the picture of the old house in Pandacan which I found in the clutter.                                                                                     

The picture of the old house now gives a vivid portrayal of the very first house we lived in that I could remember. Now, it does not only exist in my mind.

In that house, I had my recurring flying dreams during my sleep. In that house I was made to play the role of the Child Jesus in a religious reenactment. And in that house I got nicked by our pet dog, a Cocker Spaniel, during an intense play. That was how I got my very first taste of several anti-rabies injections during my childhood. ha ha ha!

The picture of the old house reminds me of my fond memories of my early childhood days. I was about three to four years old at that time.



Cavite National High School Class 65 Social Hub Activated

February 26, 2011

About a year ago, I created a website intended exclusively for use by members of Class 65 of Cavite National High School.

I saw the need for a website wherein class members, a lot of whom are already residing in other parts of the world, can communicate and share their thoughts and ideas through the site's blog and and forum, as well as upload their own photos and videos for other class members to see.

I thought it was a good way to complement and supplement the official class website, which ho...

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