The picture of the old house in Pandacan, Manila, which we occupied in the early 50's, existed only in my mind for over half a century, until a few months ago.

During a visit to my Mom at her newly renovated house, I noticed a clutter of photos, among other things, on a side table in her room. The house was still in disarray as they had not yet finished putting everything in order.

I patiently went over the photos and was delighted to be taken on a journey back in time. What particularly grabbed my attention and interest was the picture of the old house in Pandacan which I found in the clutter.                                                                                     

The picture of the old house now gives a vivid portrayal of the very first house we lived in that I could remember. Now, it does not only exist in my mind.

In that house, I had my recurring flying dreams during my sleep. In that house I was made to play the role of the Child Jesus in a religious reenactment. And in that house I got nicked by our pet dog, a Cocker Spaniel, during an intense play. That was how I got my very first taste of several anti-rabies injections during my childhood. ha ha ha!

The picture of the old house reminds me of my fond memories of my early childhood days. I was about three to four years old at that time.