In Cavite City during our time, Quonset huts were found not only at the Navy Base, but also at the Cavite National high School. Just at the back of our main building, there was a row of several quonset huts [like the photo below] which served as additional classrooms. I could say with certainty that those were donations by the US Navy from the nearby Sangley Naval Station.

photo by: dave 7

Last year, I asked my nephew, a MAC officer at the  Navy Base Hospital, to shoot photos of quonset hut buildings inside the base. He replied that there were no more in existence at the base, though I still have some doubts because he does not know what a quonset hut is when I made the request.

I had the same result with another nephew, also a MAC officer at the Navy Base in Zambales. I've also been asking my brothers and sisters if they have a full photograph of our last quarters at the base, but nobody was able to produce one.

I am wondering if the quonset hut buildings at the CNHS are still intact. I was not able to take a peep at it when we wrapped up our class reunion parade yesterday at the Montano Gymnasium, which was just adjacent to the school.