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A Unique Flat-Ended "Canoe"




Have you ever heard of, or seen, a stainless steel canoe, and flat-ended at that?

Our "canoe" had the shape of the image below, but with no partition. And, of course, it was shiny  because of the stainless steel material. That was the improvised  "canoe" my playmates and I would sail with whenever we had the urge to venture farther away from the shore.

Our flat-ended "canoe" was actually an industrial rectangular kitchen sink, about 6 feet long x 3 feet wide x 12 inches deep, which we found in an abandoned Quonset hut building, about three houses away from our quarters. This building was presumably used as a galley or mess hall before, thus the presence of that sink. We brought it to our place, plugged the drain hole, and almost instantly launched it to active service. It was capable of carrying two persons at a time, and we were careful not to overload as it would sink immediately to the bottom if water got in. Juanito who provided us with two wooden paddles. Though difficult to navigate due to it's shape, we were nonetheless proud, thrilled and happy, cruising just along the sea wall during calm seas. After each trip, we would just pull it up onto the sea wall where it would rest until its next use.

Intrepid as a growing up boy, I would sometimes, all alone,  sail out this flat-ended canoe to about 25 yards into the sea, drop anchor, and fish. My Mom either seemed to trust in my swimming ability at my young age, or simply had no knowledge of it, for I never heard any admonition from her about these adventures.

I do not know what eventually happened to this stainless steel, flat-ended "canoe", which had served us well as a sailing and fishing vessel. It probably got lost when I was already staying at the dorm in college.

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