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 Dream Meanings 



Early 1950' dreams would be the earliest memories of my childhood that I could still recall. I was probably only three or four years old then, the 3rd in a brood of already four siblings. Two brothers and a sister would eventually be added to the family.

As a growing child, I had that strange experience of having the same dreams that would come repeatedly night after night throughout our stay at our rented house in Pandacan, Manila. I vividly remember having two recurring visions. It's always preceded by the image of Jesus Christ nailed to the cross. This would be followed by a vision of myself as a winged child, nonchalantly enjoying the feeling of freedom the experience of flying gave. In the interpretation of dreams, it is said that flying dreams are indications of a yearning to be liberated from something. At that very tender age, it was beyond my comprehension to grasp the meaning of all those dreams. I have no recollection if I ever told anyone in the family about it, but I certainly relished and looked forward to those visions every time I prepared to go to bed.

I can still remember the time I was chosen to play the role of the child Jesus during one of those religious reenactments staged in the community. I'm not sure, but I think  it was a Lenten activity. And I don't know if Mom recommended me for the part, or her lady friends were just taken by the aura of innocence I projected. Lol! Looking back, I wonder if any of those experiences was a foreshadowing of the church service that I would get involved into  later on in life.

I understand that we had earlier resided in Zamboanga City, in southern Philippines, when Dad, a naval officer, was assigned there. But I was still too young to have any recollection of our stay there. From Pandacan, we would be staying in housing units of the Navy inside the Cavite Naval Base and the Plaza Militar Compound until Dad bowed out of the service. [See earliest photos]

[Yesterday Young and Reckless]




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