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Sea Worms - Fishing Baits



One of the best fishing baits, particularly for shoreline fishing, is the sea worm. These fishing worms are abundant and caught during low tides, in portions of the shore where the water meets the sand. I learned the techniques of catching sea worms from the same fisherman, Juanito. The worms we caught were blood-colored, but I'm not sure if it would fall under the ragworm specie.

To catch these sea worms, you will need a piece of old undershirt the size of a hankie and a gallon-size container filled with the water that was used to wash rice before it's cooked. Food leftovers can be added into the container to make a concoction that is smelly and more attractive to the worms. The more putrid it is , the better to lure the sea worms out of the sand.

Soak the cloth in the container and then spread it on the spot where the water meets the sand. The sea worms will start biting the cloth with it's pincers located at its head, and try to pull the cloth deep into the sand. Gently make a counter-pull near the bite spot with your thumb and index finger, and as you raise it a little above the sand, use your other hand's thumb and index finger to snap the worm's head. Here, the battle begins as the worms will really fight for dear life. You now go under the cloth with your free hand and start tickling the worm, again, using the thumb and index finger. Sometimes, while you're at it, you'll get a bite or two from the other worms, which nonetheless will back off immediately with a slight movement of your hand. Some worms are tickled out whole, while some, the more stubborn ones, give up only a portion of their length. We just do it repeatedly until we accumulate enough fishing worms that we need. These fish baits were usually placed in a can filled with sand at the bottom.

Will shoveling the sand make it a better and faster way to harvest the sea worms? I really do not know as I had never tried it. Besides, there was more thrill and excitement in the method I described above.

Sea worms are admittedly one of the best fishing baits for shoreline fishing, easily recognizable by most fish species, and can be had for free if one so desires.

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